KukaXoco fights Cocaine Addiction

an Oral Agonist Therapy
to treat cocaine dependence

Using the Native Coca Leaf to Fight Cocaine Addiction

A Peruvian doctor, Teobaldo Llosa, for over 20 years has been developing methods to use preparations of the native alkaloids in the cocaine leaf as agonist therapy to fight cocaine addiction. KukaXoco can deliver these native alkaloids easily in our coca-chocolate, in sufficient (and legal) quantities to help fight cocaine addiction.

A copy of one of Dr. Lossa's papers is available at: www.kukaxoco.org/DOCUMENTS/CocaTeaAgonist.pdf - "Review of Oral Cocaine as an Agonist Therapy in Cocaine Dependence: New Approaches", Drs. Teobaldo and Luis Llosa, IPD/NIDA June 2012, Baltimore, MD. Another paper of Dr. Llosa's is: "http://www.kukaxoco.org/DOCUMENTS/LlosaTreatingCocaine.pdf - "Brief review of oral cocaine for the treatment of cocaine dependence".

A Bolivian doctor, Jorge Hurtado, is also developing therapies to treat cocaine addiction using the coca leaf, using techniques similar to those of Dr. Llosa. Information on Dr. Hurtado's therapies is available at: www.cocamuseum.com/general-issues-on-cocaine-dependance-treatment/, and a 2000 medical journal article, Coca leaf chewing as therapy for cocaine dependence.


An over-the-counter nutritional supplement, n-acetylcysteine, is known to be used to help treat addictions to cocaine and tobacco, and in hundreds of milligrams to multi-gram amounts for other conditions (ibuprofen overdose, flu symptoms). N-acetylcysteine can be easily added to coca-chocolate to make Dr. Llosa's agonist therapy more effective. N-acetylecysteine is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines. More information on this useful drug is at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetylcysteine.

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