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Greg Aharonian President / Chief Scientist KukaXoco

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To pay the bills while having fun with chocolate, Greg Aharonian by day is one of the world's leading experts in patent and innovation quality and law.

He provides one of the largest collections of statistics on patent quality at his web site: www.global-patent-quality.com. In 2014, the U.S. National Law Journal named him one of the Top 50 Intellectual Property Law Trailblazers and Pioneers (see: http://pdfserver.amlaw.com/nlj/IP_TP2014.Web.pdf.

He is also the co-author of the 2004 law book, "Patenting Art and Entertainment" (see: https://books.google.com/books/about/Patenting_Art_and_Entertainment.html?id=Bq-KAqJYgCUC&hl=en).

Greg Aharonian
President / Chief Scientist

Patent analysis

As a recognition of Greg's extensive expertise in patent analysis (Greg is writing this, so take it with a grain of salt), Greg Aharonian is collaborating with Nationwide Insurance and Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC - www.patentinsurance.com) to bring an end to a huge business problem affecting the U.S. economy - the law suit extortions of patent trolls, low lifes suing companies using low-to-no quality patents.

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